Nothing feels better than

Staying Fit and
Staying Committed.


An all natural juice
company, HARD to take
off the head.

That’s US!


Enhancer ,Elixir and Eclectic, each with a combination of 6 bottles of fresh fruits, vegetables and ingredients designed to de stress your mind and detox your body. Plan your detox NOW!


At N, we are excited about two things in particular, one is to incorporate health and fitness into the lives of people through our detox juices and the other is to avoid being clichéd, be it our philosophy of work or the conventional way of juicing.

We go with Juicing, the cold pressed way that ensures maximum retention of all the nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants. The juices are infused only with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and nothing else making the process of cleansing simple, nutritious and customizable to everyone’s needs and goals. We dare to look beyond the perimeters of juicing, the intent being clear and bold, to inspire people to take up fitness through our awareness campaigns, intense fitness programs, which would be anything but conventional. Our juices are all FSSAI certified and tested as we believe in staying honest and #StayCommitted.