1. What is cold pressed juice ?
Homemade juices are prepared using a mixer which applies centrifugal force with sharp blades that cause excessive tearing of the tissues in fruits and vegetables. Cold pressed technology involves gentle pressing of the fruits and vegetables causing lesser damage to the cell structure and minimal loss of nutrients.
2. What are the benefits of cold pressed juice ?
Cold pressed juice retains more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes present in the natural fruit and vegetable compared to regular juices. It provides almost all the benefits of a raw unprocessed diet.
3. What is the shelf life of cold pressed juice ?
Cold pressed juices are best consumed fresh as soon as they are prepared or at least on the same day. Certain techniques such as high pressure pascalization, High temperature short time HTST pasteurization, ultra-high temperature short time UHTST pasteurization, etc can increase its shelf life but will certainly compromise its nutritive value and raw appeal.
4. How is cold pressed juice made/ extracted ?
Cold pressed juice making machine consist of a crusher which converts the fresh fruits and vegetables into a fine pulp which is then pressed through a hydraulic press to obtain a clear smooth juice.
5. Does cold pressed juice have fibre ?
Cold pressed juice retains the soluble fiber which is present in the flesh/pulp of the fruit or vegetables. This soluble fiber acts as a prebiotic and helps improve digestion and reduce inflammation. However, the insoluble fiber present in the peel is lost in all forms of juicing.
6. What is the difference between canned juices and cold pressed juices ?
Canned juices contain preservatives and sugar to improve shelf life and taste. Cold pressed juices do not contain these and has very short shelf life.
7. What are the ingredients of cold pressed juice ?
Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, oilseeds, herbs, condiments and spices are used to prepare cold pressed juices.
8. Do you add sugar and other preservatives to cold pressed juice ?
Cold pressed juices are prepared with the intention of retaining what is natural and pure. Hence no artificial ingredients in the form of colour, sugar or preservatives are added.
9. What is more beneficial – cold pressed juice or raw, cut fruits ?
Juicing is a convenient way to consume variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables on-the-go for individuals who have a busy lifestyle with lack of time and commitment to healthy eating. It can be taken as an additional source of soluble fiber and antioxidants rather than depending on fiber supplements or multivitamins. With certain vegetables, juicing is better than eating raw because of better bioavailability of nutrients and larger serving sizes accommodated into a bottle of juice.
10. How should we store cold pressed juice ?
Cold pressed juices should be kept refrigerated at all times and once opened they should be consumed immediately.
11. Who all should consume cold pressed juice? What about people with allergies etc. ?
Anybody who wants to shift to healthier lifestyle must chose cold pressed juice; this includes individuals suffering from hypertension, arthritis, ulcers, kidney stones, fatty liver, etc. Natural ingredients of cold pressed juices have therapeutic benefits that go beyond medications or supplements. Individuals with allergies to specific nuts such as cashews, pecans, pistachios, pine nuts, etc or fruit enzymes from pineapples, papaya, etc can avoid the juice containing these ingredients. Otherwise, for individuals suffering from frequent allergic reactions, cold pressed juices offer the right ingredients to boost immunity.
12. How do cold pressed juice detox our body ?
Cold pressed juices are prepared from only fresh and natural ingredients. Fruits and vegetables contain abundant minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that aid the detoxifying organs such as liver, skin, lungs, kidney and intestine to perform their function effectively. The minerals in juice help in cleaning of each of the cells, the antioxidants help to scavenge the free radicals circulating in blood and the fluid content helps in carrying waste products out of the body.
13. Does cold pressed juice help in weight reduction ?
Cold pressed juices are not aimed directly at achieving weight loss, but juice detox can help reduce bloating and flush out waste/toxins which in turn can shift the scales somewhat, especially for the average sedentary person with stressful and erratic lifestyles.
14. Is cold pressed juice pasteurized ?
Cold pressed juices are not usually pasteurized. If pasteurized, then it loses its promise of being raw and unprocessed.
15.What is NColdPressed ?
NColdPressed is a 100% natural, sugar and preservatives free, cold pressed juice. The juices are a combination of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and herbs ensuring maximum retention of easily digestible natural nutrients, minerals, active enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants. NColdPressed is FSSAI certified and has two product lines – wellbeing and detox juices.
16. How is “N” different from other cold pressed juices in the market?
N cold pressed holds the promise of unique and scientifically designed blends to deliver wholesome nourishment intertwined with pleasant taste in every bottle. Other cold pressed juice brands have not explored as many ingredients and combinations.
17. How do you make cold pressed juice ?
Fresh fruits and vegetables are procured meticulously from local farmers market and washed with filtered water. The cold press machine converts the raw washed/peeled fresh produce into fine pulp in a crusher/triturator followed by pressing through specialised juicing bags to obtain a clear smooth flavourful juice.
18. Where do you make cold pressed juice ?
N cold pressed juices are prepared in a simple household level food processing plant with extreme care about hygiene and sanitation.
19. Where do you get your ingredients from ?
Raw material for the juices are procured from local farmers market. Exotic ingredients are bought from the best vendors in Hyderabad.
20. How do you keep your cold pressed juice fresh ?
Immediately after juicing, cold pressed juices are filled into bottles, sealed and refrigerated.
21. How many cold pressed juice varieties do you have ?
N cold pressed offers one of the widest variety of juices with 16 different detox blends and 10 different single juices that offer specific health benefits.
22. Do you have proper nutritionists, technicians who help you in making/ extracting cold pressed juice ?
N Cold pressed formulations are designed by highly qualified nutritionist to ensure that the healthiest ingredients are combined to provide therapeutic benefits through the juice. The superior quality and efficient production of the juice is ensured by experienced technician.
23. Where can I find your brand? Which retail outlets are you present in ?
N Cold pressed operates on a subscription model so all the juices are made to order. We are also present in some of the 5-star hotel coffee shops, buffets, etc. Due to the limited shelf stability N Cold pressed juices are not available in retail stores.
24. Can I get N cold pressed juice delivered at my home ?
Freshly prepared N Cold pressed juices can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere across Hyderabad.
25. How can I order N cold pressed juices ?
N cold pressed juices can be ordered online through the company’s website (www.ncoldpressed.com).
26. How do your juices detox? Are there any special ingredients in your juice ?
Human body is beautifully designed to clean itself through well-orchestrated mechanisms. N Cold pressed juices can compliment or aid the process by providing the right environment to enhance detoxification.