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How it works

Cold pressed juices are produced using multiple steps.


First Step

The fruits and vegetables are shredded into a pulp or cut into small pieces.


Second Step

This pulp or the small pieces are pressed between a hydraulic press which causes the juice and water content to separate from the fibre.


Third Step

The juice is then collected into a collection tray and is ready for consumption.

In some instances, the juice may be put through a preservation method such as HIGH PRESSURE PROCESSING to extend its shelf life.

  1. Benefits

    Cold pressed technology involves gentle pressing of the fruits and vegetables causing lesser damage to the cell structure and minimal loss of nutrients.

    Cold pressed juice retains the soluble fibre which is present in the flesh/pulp of the fruit or vegetables. This soluble fibre acts as a prebiotic and helps improve digestion and reduce inflammation.

    These juices retains more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes present in the natural fruit and vegetable compared to regular juices.